Sinfully Good Pork Lards with Claypot Crab Rice – 邪恶猪油渣蟹焗饭

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I believe ‘order dishes’ to share in a group is part of Chinese tradition. I personally quite enjoy it because I get to try out assorted dishes together! If you are looking for fresh seafood in Kepong, 【詠和家鄉海鲜饭店 Xin Xin Yong Hoe Seafood Restauranta hidden gem in Kepong that serves you fresh seafood with fresh crabs shipped in daily.

Their signature dish Spicy and Sour Crabs Soupcomes in a pot of spicy and sour soup loaded with Crab Roe and Tomalley as well as Hamaguri Clams! The taste of the soup is mild but it still preserves the sweetness of seafood. While Claypot Crab Ricewith fresh crab on top of the fragrant rice and a generous amount of Pork Lards and Fish Roes coated on the crab! Not to mentioned, Chinese Sausage is hiding underneath the rice, so be sure you mix up evenly this sinfully good and irresistible delights.

Besides, my favourite – deep friedOatmeal Mantis Shrimp,coated with fried oatmeal, crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. Watch out! It is addictive! You can also opt of Big and Small Clam Soup, no doubt it is one of the most common dishes in Chinese restaurant, but the uniqueness of 【詠和家鄉海鲜饭店 Xin Xin Yong Hoe Seafood Restaurantis they serve different sizes of hamaguri clams in one plate. Regardless of the size of clams, it is all fresh and juicy! Spice up with cut ginger keeping you warm. So now you know where to find fresh seafood in Kepong!

Chinese Article 中文文章

甲洞隐藏新鲜海鲜饭店【詠和家鄉海鲜饭店 Xin Xin Yong Hoe Seafood Restaurant, 新鲜螃蟹每天运到,必试【大石砸死蟹】是膏蟹哦,还有【蟹焗饭】有满满的猪油渣,【日式豉油皇蟹】,脆口【麦片虾膏】,暖肚的【上汤大小啦啦】等!让你回味无穷!*吮手指*

叫菜吃饭是华人的传统,也是小编的最爱啦!可以一次过吃到几道菜肴超满足的哟!来到了甲洞,想吃新鲜海鲜,来【詠和家鄉海鲜饭店 Xin Xin Yong Hoe Seafood Restaurant就对了!它家招牌【大石砸死蟹】,一锅热腾腾的海鲜酸辣汤,塞满了啦啦和螃蟹,而且是膏蟹哦!!这鲜甜的膏蟹和啦啦再配上酸辣汤,味道刚刚好还保留了海鲜的鲜甜!再来就是,爽口的【麦片虾膏】是小编的最爱哟!油炸虾膏,配上麦片,外脆内软,吃多了可会上瘾哦!

还有,这煲【蟹焗饭】可是招牌之一哟!香喷喷的饭再盖上现炒螃蟹然后铺上满满的猪油渣和鱼卵!简直是「正啊」!!把饭,猪油渣和鱼卵搅拌时,你会发现饭低里还藏着腊肠!天啊太罪恶了!饭吃起来不干也不油腻,再配上带咸味的螃蟹,JENG啊~~ 当然,爱啦啦的你,绝不能错过【上汤大小啦啦】哦!这大小啦啦,无论大或小都鲜甜多肉,绝不吝啬,再配上带点微辣的汤,真是暖和啊!喜欢现炒的话,也可以试【日式豉油皇蟹】,有点咸但配上饭就刚刚好啦!!想吃海鲜,马上来甲洞吧!

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