Perfect Breakfast For Your Day – 美好的早餐从这开始

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What do you fancy for breakfast? I personally prefer simple toast and coffee will do! 【溏记海南茶室 Thong Kee Cafeis well known for their homemade croissant and 1+1. It is always packed during breakfast and lunch hours, not to mention about their limited parking space. We decided to kick start our day at【溏记海南茶室 Thong Kee CafePandan Indah, with their famous Kaya Butter Croissant,Cham IceandToasted Cheese, Ham & Egg Bread. Fortunately, the food doesn’t take too long to be served even though it is packed.

Kaya Butter Croissantis my favourite as i like the croissant crispy and flaky, spread with generous amount of Kaya and frozen butter tube. It is crunchy to munch on, slight sweet due to kaya, but the butter melting in your mouth is sinfully good to resist!! While Cham Iceis decent and fragrant, perfect for coffee lovers!Toasted Cheese, Ham & Egg Breadis worth to try as the bread has great crispy texture, just perfectly toasted!

Chinese Article 中文文章

著名【牛角包】和【1 + 1】,天天爆满人潮,就在【溏记海南茶室Thong Kee Cafe】啦!简单又好吃的早餐!幸福爆满!老板来多一份!!

早餐是什么呢?小编个人喜欢简单的烤面包和咖啡哦! 【溏记海南茶室Thong Kee Cafe】以自制的【牛角包】和【1 + 1】闻名,不管是早上或中午都爆满了人潮,想找parking都难啊!!来到了Pandan Indah 【溏记海南茶室Thong Kee Cafe】必点【加央雪油牛角包】,【海南茶】和【三合一三文治】。虽然人多,但是食物都很快送到哦!棒棒哒~

【加央雪油牛角包】小编的最爱!香脆的牛角包,涂上了大量的kaya和雪藏牛油条, 一口咬下去,外脆内软,牛油条从口中爆出!太罪恶了!!但又难以抗拒的感觉你懂的!还有【海南茶】也蛮芳香,适合爱喝咖啡的你哦!【三合一三文治】也值得一试,松脆的面包夹着芝士,火腿和鸡蛋,超有满足感的!!

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Opening Hour:

Monday Closed

Tuesday – Sunday 0700 – 1630

Location17&19, Jalan Pandan Indah 1/23e, Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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