Pudu Historical Hakka Mee – Pudu 老字号大埔面

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Pudu Wai Sek Gai, a heaven for foodies, is an iconic street selling street food during day and night. You should never miss outChun Kei Dai Bu Meealso known as Hakka Mee which has been operated for more than 90 years and it is now run by the 4th generation! As you know, a massive fire burnt down the place last year September and all stalls were forced to close down for rebuild. Fortunately, the incident never stop the owner from rebuilding their business. Yet, they opened a restaurant inside Pudu Wai Sek Gai and you can now indulge Hakka Mee in a cozy environment.

Their homemade Hakka Mee is no doubt springy and smooth! Coated with minced meat, char siew and vegetables. Bosses take their shift on preparation and cooking the noodle. I personally prefer their homemade ‘Lou Shu Fen’ instead, it is bouncy and smooth compare to what you had outside. I am glad that they remain using rooster bowls and wooden chopsticks to serve the patrons not only it reminisces about the past yet it symbolises the ‘age’ of this Hakka Mee. Chun Kei Dai Bu Meerestaurant opens in the morning only while old shop opens at night. Bring your friends along to recall the good old days!

Chinese Article 中文文章

一讲到Pudu, 当然想起Pudu为食街啦,聚集了美食的天堂啊!无论白天或晚上,都能填饱你的肚子哦!【春记大埔面】老字号,是你必吃的客家面哦!!可说是数一数二哟!


它家自制客家面,面条不但滑软而且弹牙,QQ的!再配上肉碎,叉烧和青菜,简单又好吃!!小编特喜欢它家自制的老鼠粉 和外面比起来,这光滑有弹性的多呢!!而且老板们坚持每天自己下厨哦!以确保食物的品质!还有还有!!它家特色都用鸡公碗和木筷子来招待顾客哦!让顾客们回味往事和古早好味道啊~~【春记大埔面】早上以搬到店面,但晚上还在旧档口营业哦!!

For more info, kindly visit:

Facebook: Chun Kei 春记大埔面

Opening Hour:

Restaurant (Morning only)  0600 – 1500

Stall (Night only)  1700 – 2130

Lunar Calendar(Chor 1 and Chor 15) –  Closed

Location: No 2G Jalan Sayur, Off Pudu, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur


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