Worth Trying Pork Noodle – 必试猪肉粉

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One of the most famous pork noodles in KL is located at Restoran Sun Sea, Taman OUG. The restaurant is usually packed early morning and lunch due to nearby wet market. If you are not familiar with this area, you will find it hard to locate this restaurant as their signboard is pretty small and ‘hidden’. But fret not, waze will definitely lead to the right place or better yet you can ask around the neighbourhood.

Once you stepped into Restoran Sun Sea, you will realise there is only one stall which is double the size of other stalls. Yup! That’s the famous pork noodle – 【Hong Cha Pork Noodle】! Most people come here to fix their cravings but what is so special about it? It is a bowl of pork noodle loaded with generous amount of 【Minced pork, 【Pork lard, 【Prawn, 【Squid and 【Pork innards – giving you some porky goodness from it! Adding seafood in the pork broth to result in more flavourful and sweet soup! Now I know why everyone queue for it, it is worth waiting!

Chinese Article 中文文章

来到了Taman OUG绝对不能错过,这里著名的十大猪肉粉之一哦!位于Taman OUG【山海茶餐室】虽看起来不起眼,招牌也非常小,但几乎每天爆满了人潮就为了猪肉粉!一踏进【山海茶餐室】,你会发现只有一个档口是其他的两倍。对!那就是著名的猪肉粉 – 【洪茶猪肉粉】!一家30多年历史的猪肉粉!一碗热呼呼的猪肉粉,除了基本配料猪肉碎,猪肉片和猪内脏之外,这里的特色还加了【海鲜】【猪油渣】!有鱿鱼和虾,猪肉汤里还带些鲜甜!超赞的!价钱公道!终于明白为什么人人都为它疯!!

For more info, kindly visit:

Restaurant Name: Restoran Sun Sea 山海茶餐室

Opening Hour:

Monday – Sunday  0630 – 1500

Wednesday   Closed

Location: 29-37, Jalan Hujan Rahmat, Taman Overseas Union, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur


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