Local Homebrewing Workshop 自釀啤酒工作坊

Getting bored of eat, drink, and visit to mainstream tourist spot only in Hong Kong? Tired of drinking boring beers in the city? Jom, let’s go for something special that you cannot experience in Malaysia – local homebrewing workshop at Hong Kong.

HK Brew Craft provides local homebrewing workshop on every weekends. The workshop is a 3-hour crash course on how to brew beer at home. All ingredients and equipment will be prepared and set up before your arrival. The instructor will brief on the Introduction to Beer and Brewing Process, The Brewing Experience and History of Beer and Craft beer Appreciation. There are some basic steps on homebrewing, you will experience from preparation, mashing, sparging, boiling at the workshop. The instructor was so humour to talk about all jokes and willing to share and let their students to try different craft beers.

At the end of the workshop, you can bring home your own batch of homebrew, together with the brewing kit to complete the “homebrewing” experience.

Other than that, HK Brew Craft has the largest collection of craft beer in town, which is roughly 350+ for you to choose.

– Workshop Fee –

Each booking will share one brewing station with a maximum of 4 participants per station. A maximum of 4 brewing stations will be arranged for each workshop.

One homebrewing kit (original price $740) is included in the workshop fee for each booking of a brewing station.

Price per booking: 

1 Pax (includes one homebrewing kit) – $1,280

2 Pax (includes one homebrewing kit) – $1,980

3 Pax (includes one homebrewing kit) – $2,580

4 Pax (includes one homebrewing kit) – $3,200

Visit http://www.hkbrewcraft.com/ for bookings.

Address: 4/F, 15 Cochrane St, Central, Hong Kong


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