Best Egg Tart in Town – 爆满人潮,新鲜烘烤蛋挞!

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I am not sure if you agree with me that a real good ‘soft yet flaky’ egg tart is hard to find in KL! Even if you found one, it would cost you a bomb for a small tiny piece. But【品泉  Bunn Choon@ Petaling Street makes undeniable best egg tarts in town yet with affordable price as well!

【品泉  Bunn Choonstarted off since 1893 and it is now run by the fourth generation. It used to operate in Imbi Market but as you know, the market has already been demolished and they have moved to ICC Pudu instead. While the branch in Petaling Street has been operated for 3 years and undoubtedly it gathers a lot of tourists’ attention!

Fresh baked egg tarts come in 3 different flavours – Traditional-RM1.90/pcs,Charcoal Sesame-RM2/pcsandGreen tea-RM2/pcs. Well, I personally can’t decide which is my love because each and every piece tastes unique to me! Take a small bite and you will be impressed the egg tart is incredible flaky with smooth and soft filling yet it manages to hold together without crumbling. I believe that is the power of pork lard. Please enjoy it while it is warm, one ain’t enough!

Besides, 【品泉  Bunn Choonalso sells a range of other pastries and biscuits such as Kaya Puff,BBQ Pork Pie, Pineapple Stickand so on. BBQ Pork Pie-RM1.40/pcsis incredibly good, as it is filled with generous amount of BBQ pork in a flaky thin crust. Trust me, you will come back for more!

Chinese Article 中文文章

【品泉  Bunn Choon天天爆满,新鲜烘烤蛋挞,外松内软,价钱公道,绝对是一家大小的最爱啊!【品泉  Bunn Choon创始于1893年,来到了第四代接手,好吃的蛋挞让人一口接一口啊!就连香港明星和外国人都大赞!!

总所周知,【品泉  Bunn Choon曾经在Imbi巴刹经营,每天排长龙,人潮爆满,等的就是新鲜出炉蛋挞!虽然Imbi巴刹已被拆除,但店已移到ICC Pudu,人潮也一样多啊!你也可以到茨厂街的分店,虽然经营了3年,但却吸引了很多本地和游客,成为了人们心中蛋挞的首选呢!


此外,【品泉  Bunn Choon还有卖一系列其他糕点和饼干,如【加央角】【叉烧派】【黄梨酥】等。 【叉烧派】也蛮推荐的,薄薄的脆皮内含大量的叉烧肉,一口咬下去,满口叉烧肉涌出来!真的超赞!你肯定爱上它!

For more info, kindly visit:

Facebook:品泉 Bunn Choon


  • Petaling Street

Opening Hour:

Tuesday – Sunday  0830 – 1700

Location: No153, jalan petaling, 50000Kuala Lumpur.

  • Jalan H.S.Lee

Location: 142 , Jalan Tun H.S.Lee,50000 Kuala Lumpur.

  • ICC Pudu

Opening Hour:

Tuesday – Sunday  0600 – 1830

Location: Jalan Kijang, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur


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