‘One Foot Long’ Pan Mee – ‘一尺长’ 板面

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Have you ever tried ‘One Foot Long’ Pan Mee? Long and broad, as high as your chopsticks, smooth and chewy, unusual yet unique homemade Pan Mee! Yes! Kung Fu Smooth Ban Mee@ Taman Sri Sentosa serves you unique homemade Pan Mee that relish your tastebuds!

I am not sure about you but I am always a big fan of Pan Mee. Kung Fu Smooth Ban Meehas been operating for 14 years, it is a small shop with tables under tents but offering you the best Pan Mee ever! Apparently the boss does all by himself from preparation to cooking to ensure the quality of the food.

If you order a small Pan Mee, it consists of 5 doughs while a big one consists of 7, each dough is pull and stretch to its finest, then quick boil in the water and placed it in a bowl of flavourful anchovies soup with some fried anchovies and mushroom slices on top! Ta-daah! ‘One Foot Long’ Pan Mee is ready to be served! This ‘One Foot Long’ Pan Mee is thin and smooth with springy texture makes you wonder what is the real ‘kung fu’ behind this? LOL! Make sure you come by early as you wouldn’t want to get caught sitting under hot sun!

Chinese Article 中文文章

一尺长板面?!独特手拉板面不但长而宽,而且滑又不太厚,咬起来还有弹性!真的超赞啊!位于Taman Sri Sentosa【红茶馆手拉板面】已经运营了14年,一间独特自家手拉板面,从食材准备到烹饪都是老板亲手下厨哦~ 让你从此爱上板面!

如果你order了(小)的板面,共有5个面团,而(大)的就有7个。老板会先把面团用手拉长,薄但不破,在放入沸腾的水煮熟,然后倒入江鱼仔汤里,在放上江鱼仔和冬菇!Ta-daah!!一碗一尺长板面就上桌咯!!这碗一尺长板面,像筷子般的长,不但有弹性而且柔软光滑,重点是不会太厚,让你一口接一口,吃不停口啊!!想知道这一尺长板面的厉害?!还不赶快来!!温馨提醒哦~ 要早点到,不然很晒到哦!

For more info, kindly visit:

Restaurant: Kung Fu Smooth Ban Mee

Opening Hour:

Monday – Sunday  0800-1500

Location: 28 Jalan Sri Sentosa 9A, Taman Sri Sentosa, Off Jalan Klang Lama
Kuala Lumpur


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