Only RM68 for Spicy Grilled XL Crab – XL螃蟹只需RM68一只

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Fresh XL Crab with only RM68 per crab! Zen Heong Restaurant located at Bangi that serves you authentic Klang style fresh seafood delighting your tastebuds! Spicy Grilled XL Crab, Seafood Porridge,Salted Egg Yolk Mantis Shrimpand more to discover! Jom let’s check it out!

Zen Heong Restaurant is well-known in Bangi for their fresh yet affordable seafood! Spicy Grilled XL Crabsis one of their signature dishes. With just RM68 per crab, you can feast on this XL meaty and juicy crab! Don’t be surprised when this crab is served without any ‘wet sauce’ or gravy as it is served with their homemade chilli sauce. It matches perfectly, spiciness on every bite, bursting with intense flavours, savouring every mouthful!!

Besides, Curry Fish Headis recommended as it is cooked with condensed milk instead of coconut milk. A broth of not-too-spicy curry with fresh fish head, brinjals, tou pok, long beans and lady fingers. Definitely a perfect broth for all ages.

Seafood Porridgeis also one of their bestsellers as it is cooked with fresh XL crabs, prawns and clams then added some shredded gingers. The essence of fresh seafood brings out sweetness in the porridge.

Furthermore, you can also opt for Lemon Steamed Stringray,Salted Egg Yolk Mantis ShrimpandHomemade Springroll.  Lemon Steamed Stringrayis not in the menu yet, but you can give it a try, slight spicy and sour sauce with stingray stimulate your senses.  It is time to bring your friends along to feast on fresh seafood!

Chinese Article 中文文章

新鲜【XL螃蟹】每只仅仅RM68而已!来Bangi,就一定要来【振香家乡味馆】啦!每天提供新鲜海鲜是大人小孩的最爱啊! 有【烧辣螃蟹】,【海鲜粥】,【咸蛋虾姑】等美食!走!吃海鲜去~

【振香家乡味馆】以新鲜而平民价的海鲜闻名!【烧辣螃蟹】是他们的招牌菜之一。只需RM68,就可享用这肥美多汁的XL螃蟹!【烧辣螃蟹】的特点是没沾任何汁,再配上他家自制酱料,色,香,味俱全。甜中带微辣,一口XL蟹肉一口自制辣酱,完美搭配, 让人百吃不腻啊~~


当然也少不了 【海鲜粥】哦,除了新鲜XL螃蟹,还有虾和蛤蜊,然后再加入姜条。这锅新鲜海鲜的精华流入粥里,真的鲜甜啊!!

当然,还有其他主打【酸柑蒸浦渔】,【咸蛋虾姑】和【春卷】等都蛮推荐的! 虽然【酸柑蒸浦渔】还没在菜单中,但你可以尝试一下,微辣和酸汁再配上浦鱼,刺激你的味蕾啊!还等什么?!赶快拉人马来填肚子咯喂!!

For more info, kindly visit:

Facebook: 振香家乡味馆 Zen Heong Restaurant

Opening Hour:

Monday – Sunday: 1000 – 1430; 1700-2200

Location60 – 62, Jalan Bangi Avenue 1/8, Taman Bangi Avenue, Kajang, Malaysia


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