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Craving for Korean cuisine but lazy to drive? Or better yet having some Korean food while binge watching ‘Oppa’ series!!Palsaik Korean BBQ is now available in food delivery! Get spoilt with Kimchi Fried Rice,Spicy Seafood Rice Set, Spicy Stir-fried Pork Rice Setand more with few clicks only!

Palsaik Korean BBQis well known and awarded forExclusive 8 Colour Set prime belly pork marinated in eight different flavours:- ginseng, pine, wine, herb, garlic, curry, miso and hot pepper. Each roll of meat is nicely arranged starting from the most light flavoured to mild, delighting your tastebuds! While each set consists of vegetables, salad, ssamjang and soup with the choice of Seafood Soy Bean Paste Soup, Clear Clam Soup or Kimchi Soup.

Besides that, don’t miss out their signature a la carte dishes, Tteokbokkispicy stir-fried rice cake, it is one of my favourite and it is available for delivery!!

Also, Samgye TangGinseng Chicken Soup, which all ingredients are air-flown from Korea!! Fresh yet tasty with well balanced of herbs and tender chicken meat that falls-off-the-bone! One is definitely not enough!!


The best part is Palsaik Korean BBQis now joining food delivery such as honestbee and Foodpanda to satisfy all the Korean food lovers! They hear you! And you can now enjoy 【Tteokbokki】, 【Japchae】, 【Bibimbap】, 【Kimchi Fried Rice】 and more with just few clicks away regardless at home or office!! Hassle-free and solve your ‘What to eat a?’ problem!! Hurry up! Click on the link and place your order now! Delivery is only available in Klang Valley area.

Chinese Article 中文文章

想要边看OPPA边吃韩国料理?!或想吃韩国料理,但又懒得开车? 宝贝们!你有福啦!!著名【Palsaik Korean BBQ】现在已提供送餐服务啦!让你尽情享用【泡菜炒饭】,【香辣海鲜饭套餐】,【香辣炒猪肉饭套餐】等!不出门也不是个问题啦~~

著名【Palsaik Korean BBQ】以八色烤肉闻名而且还获奖呢!八色烤肉是经过严选的五花肉再腌制而成8个不同味道,包含了:人参,松,酒,香草,大蒜,咖喱,味噌和辣椒。每种味道都细心放在盘子上,再排序从最淡到重口味的五花肉,让你慢慢欣赏味道独特又新鲜的五花肉啊!套餐都包括了蔬菜,沙拉,ssamjang和三种汤任你选【海鲜大豆酱汤】,【蛤蜊汤】或【泡菜汤】。


还有,【人参鸡汤】Samgye Tang,所有食材都韩国空运来的哦!新鲜又美味,均衡的草药和肉嫩的鸡,令你赞不绝口啊!来多一碗吧~

当然!最棒的事【Palsaik Korean BBQ】现在已加入honestbeeFoodpanda等提供送餐服务哦,来满足喜爱韩国美食的你!!无论在家或办公室,只需上网点击即可享用【辣炒年糕】,【韩式炒粉丝】,【石锅拌饭】,【泡菜炒饭】等呃!! 不需烦parking还解决你的食咩烦恼啊!还等什么?马上下订吧!送餐服务只限Klang Valley 区而已哦!

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