Life is wine-derful – 缤纷美酒,醉爱是你

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Explore the brand new wine bar restaurant, Fred’s, at One Utama, offers you over 40++ of wine selection from Italy to Chile, savouring with their finest menu of cold cuts and hot porky bites. Grab their【Buy 1 Free 1】on wine/beer/coffee before the promotion ends!

Or better yet, indulge in their 【Dinner Combo Set】at only RM89.90, you get 2 Pastas + 2 Pizzas + a Chef Specialty Dish and 4 Beverages (choice of soft drinks , chilled juice, black coffee and tea) to be shared among your loved ones while enjoying live bands. Get yourself spirited away from hectic life with your loved ones, family and bffs!

Once you entered Fred’s, you will be amazed by their bold, powerful yet stylish black walls, brighten up by modern pendant lights and a few wine racks displaying their wide selection of red and white wine from Italy, France, Chile and more! It’s the ideal place to relax with your friends and loved ones regardless of after work-party, celebration or gathering.

Choose your favourite wine, take a sip and unwind yourself after a long day while enjoying live band performance (only available on Friday & Saturday) with some easy jamming songs. Can’t decide which wine to go for?! Fret not, the staff here are friendly and professional to assist you in picking the best bottle- from fruity to full bodied. Don’t miss out their 【Buy 1 Free 1】on wine/beer/coffee promotion!


Other than wine, Fred’s serves scrumptious western dishes as well! It is never wrong to pair cold cut platter or cheese platter with wine.

You can also opt for their signatureSpanish Iberico Porky Aglio Olio, the aromatic Aglio Olio serves with tender yet juicy Iberico pork that makes you crave for more!!

While for meat lover, Braised Australia Lamb Shoulder ChopandPork Sausagesare recommended. Besides that, if you would like something to share, Twin Sensational Pizzais perfect for sharing, spread with homemade pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese added some slices of pepperoni pork and Parma ham. Don’t be surprised if it is an oval pizza!! Enjoy the cheesy twin sensational pizza while it’s hot!

Last but not least, get some pub grub Pork Karaage Bitesand pair it with cocktail! Their in-house cocktail is a ‘bomb’!! Give it a try on Marry Me,Big Beer Sour,Deep DiveandBlue Wave. You will fall in love with it~

One Utama里全新酒吧餐厅Fred’s,拥有超过40多种红酒和白酒,还有live band演奏哦!有你喜爱的红酒/白酒/咖啡/茶 【买一送一】,还有超划【Dinner Combo Set】只需RM89.90而已!两份Pastas+两份Pizzas+厨师特别介绍+4杯饮品(汽水,果汁,咖啡或茶)太酷了吧想约会,吹水或庆生来这就对啦!parking没烦恼!

Chinese Article 中文文章

一踏进Fred’s,仿佛走进了间黑店 别怕啦~ Fred’s是以黑色为主,这大胆又时尚的黑色墙壁,再配现代式吊灯让环境都活起来了!仿佛走进了另一个世界!Fred’s著名红酒和白酒,酒架上展示了来自不同国家的酒,有意大利,法国,智利等让你慢慢品尝~无论是下班后想放松,庆生或聚会,都可以喝个痛快啊!别忘了【买一送一】优惠噢!

一边品尝美酒,一边享受live band(仅在周五和周六)让你充充电。更贴心的是,如果你拿不定主意哪个酒好,服务员也会提供专业意见哦,帮你挑适合你口味的酒,从果味到浓郁都有哦!超棒的!


还有著名Spanish Iberico Porky Aglio Olio,芳香的Aglio Olio再配上柔软而多汁的伊比利亚猪肉,简直是天堂啊!!

如果你是无肉不欢的,那Braised Australia Lamb Shoulder ChopPork Sausages可以考虑哦!此外,Twin Sensational Pizza也蛮推荐哦,厚厚的披萨占满了自制披萨酱和芝士,再铺上一些pepperoni pork Parma ham。不要被这椭圆形披萨给吓到哦!满满的芝士,太放肆了!!

最后,它家鸡尾酒是必试啊!试试Marry Me】,【Big Beer Sour】,【Deep DiveBlue Wave再配上小吃Pork Karaage Bites!你会爱上它哦~

Live Band: Every Friday & Saturday (8pm – 10pm)

For more info, kindly visit:

Facebook: Fred’s

Opening Hours:

Monday – Sunday 1000 – 2330


1 Utama Shopping Centre, Lot G139D, Ground Floor, 1, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


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