The World of Hand Brew Coffee – 手沖咖啡的世界

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Fancy for Hand Brew Coffee? How about Hand Brew Coffee from Hand Roasted Beans? The cheapest Hand Brew Coffee, 【Syphon】only @ RM18, at 【CRP45】cafe, Sri Petaling. With a selection of hand roasted single origin beans for you to choose from. 【CRP45】is a wellness cafe that serves you healthy yet yummy food with affordable price such as Homemade Wholegrain Thin Crust 【Pineapple Margherita Pizza】, 【Signature Aglio Olio with Pork Lard】,【Homemade Mushroom Soup】and more!

【CRP45】cafe is a cozy and comfortable cafe located at second floor, one floor up from the shop lots. Hence, you will feel completely disengaged from the city buzz. If you are a coffee lover, there is no other place than 【CRP45】cafe, offering you hand brew coffee from hand roasted beans with a selection of single origin beans from 【Honduras】,【Ethiopia】,【Brazil】and more. While some single origin beans are by seasonal.

【Syphon】is a very sensory experience by watching the process piques visual interest and awakens your senses more than a drip coffee maker does because you can see art and science in action. From amount of beans, coffee grind size, water temperature and time for extraction of coffee, it’s all required experience and ‘kung-fu’. Kudos to the well-trained barista managed to control the temperature well, as well as extracting the coffee evenly with bubbles in the bottom chamber. It is definitely worth to try! They do offer some other coffee like long black, latte and so.

Not to forget their signature dishes too! Though the name of the dishes sound common, but the ingredients are mostly healthy. Crunchy thin crust【Pineapple Margherita Pizza】a homemade wholegrain pizza without adding any preservatives, coated with a generous amount of cheddar and mozzarella cheese then added some pineapple before baking it. Enjoy the cheesy pizza with crunchy sound in every bite!!

Besides, you should try there signature appetizers! Their bestsellers homemade【Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread】and 【Mashed Potato】! It is definitely not like the can mushroom soup you ever had as the mushroom soup here tastes thick and mild! They mixed different types of mushroom, blended it, added some cheese and chicken soup then boiled it! Dip garlic bread with mushroom soup. Yummzzz!

While for【Mashed Potato】, they boiled salted egg, sliced mushrooms and cubed potatoes until tender but still firm then add on some butter and mash all potatoes and boiled ingredients until smooth and creamy. It is highly recommended! There is nowhere to get these healthy homemade dishes!

【Signature Aglio Olio with Pork Lard】is definitely a must-try dish! There is no elsewhere serving pasta with pork lard! Stir fry spaghetti with sliced mushroom, bacon, garlic and spices, poured in some natural olive oil and pork lard! It won’t taste oily but yummy! 【CRP45】cafe is an ideal place for family, working adults or even students to get real food with reasonable price.

Chinese Article 中文文章

手炒咖啡豆出现在Sri Petaling?! 【CRP45】Cafe 只用手炒咖啡豆来冲泡【Syphon】, 以确保咖啡豆品质。而且【Syphon】只售RM18哦, 还可选择单品咖啡种类。喜欢咖啡的你还等什么呢?【CRP45】是一家以健康为主的cafe,不但价格合理,还真材实料,是一家大小的最爱哦!有自制全麦薄脆皮【Pineapple Margherita Pizza】, 【Signature Aglio Olio with Pork Lard】【Homemade Mushroom Soup】等等!

【CRP45】Cafe是位于二楼的咖啡厅, 环境让人感觉舒服清净。如果你喜爱咖啡,那【CRP45】Cafe会是你首选的Cafe啊,一家以手炒咖啡豆来冲手冲咖啡还提供了来自不同种类的单品豆从【Honduras】,【Ethiopia】【Brazil】等。而且一些单品豆是季节性的哦~

【Syphon】是一门非常考验功夫的艺术,从咖啡豆量,研磨的粗細程度,水温水量,以及萃取咖啡時間都是非常讲究手法和经验。要观察咖啡在热水里溶解再扩散,细心搅拌,保持搅拌速度,仿佛依照內心的韻律與節奏, 当壶里出现半圆形泡沫,这是咖啡萃取成功啦!最cool的是【CRP45】Cafe的咖啡师是很pro的哦~ 不但能够掌握好水的温度,而且还能萃取出咖啡的味道。你也可以选择其他咖啡,例如long black,latte等。

来品尝咖啡,也不忘了它家美食啊~尽管菜肴的名称听起来很普通,但成分都是以健康为主哦!自制全麦薄脆皮【Pineapple Margherita Pizza】,不添加任何防腐剂的全麦披萨,盖上大量的芝士和菠萝,还嫌什么呢?!脆脆薄薄的皮和满满的芝士,这披萨一定能满足你的味蕾!!

还有,绝对不能错过他家著名小吃!有它们的bestsellers 自制【Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread】和 【Mashed Potato】!这非一般的蘑菇汤,是你在别家吃不到的哦!这里的蘑菇汤味道不但浓郁,而且还真材实料!蘑菇汤里混合了不同类型的蘑菇,再搅碎它,重点来咯~ 他们还加入一些芝士和鸡汤,然后慢煮!一口蒜头面包,一口蘑菇汤~啊! 这么浓郁有味的蘑菇汤,哪里找啊!!简直是100分啊!!

还有~自制【Mashed Potato】把咸蛋,切片蘑菇和土豆慢煮直到嫩,再加黄油块,然后搅碎所有煮食材和土豆直到细腻!咸蛋和土豆泥是绝配的!!这么多工有真材实料,你怎么能错过能?

【Signature Aglio Olio with Pork Lard】绝对是真心推荐哦!意大利面配猪油渣!!!小编最爱啊~~ 把蘑菇切片,加培根,大蒜和香料炒意大利面再倒入一些天然橄榄油和猪油渣!不但不油腻而且还很JENG!! 【CRP45】Cafe绝对是一家大小,上班族或高学生的最爱哦,不但价钱合理,还真材实料,还能吃得健康!还等什么?!

For more information, kindly visit:

FacebookCRP45 Cafe

Operation Hours:

Wednesday Closed

Monday – Friday 1200 – 2200

Saturday – Sunday 1100 – 2200

Location26, 1, Jln Radin Bagus 3, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur


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