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【Parents’ Day Promotion】 fresh and sweet 【Live Kepah】 @ RM1 ONLY is now available at【蒸的传人 S.M.S Steamboat】Sri Petaling!【蒸的传人 S.M.S Steamboat】is well-known for steam fresh seafood with affordable price from shrimps, fish, abalone slices, mussels and more. Steam live crabs and lala is a MUST! Savouring the freshness and juices of seafood without any MSG!

【蒸的传人 S.M.S Steamboat】only serves fresh ingredients from seafood, meat, vegetables and etc – steam all in one pot! Of course, the sequence and time to steam each ingredients are vary. Fret not, an attentive server will be provided to assist you in putting the ingredients on steamer plate and adjust the perfect timing, to ensure all are well-cooked. All you have to do is – chopsticks ready and enjoy the sweet and juicy seafood! The most exciting part is, pork rib uncooked rice is placed at the bottom of the pot, while steaming the ingredients, the essence of steam fresh seafood dripping into the bottom of the pot, turning the rice into seafood porridge!! Oh man~ how to resist this sweet porridge?!

【Parents’ Day Promotion】 offers from 【25/5/18-25/6/18】with any ‘SET’ order starting from RM90++per set, and top up with RM1 ONLY, you are entitled for 500gram fresh and sweet 【Live Kepah】!! Such a great deal! Dont forget to ‘LIKE’ 【蒸的传人 S.M.S Steamboat】Facebook and ‘SHARE’ this post too!

Set with RM90++ for 2-3 people includes 【Live Jade Perch Slice】, 【Live Prawn】, 【Live Kepah】, 【Abolone Sice】, 【Farm Chicken】, 【Pork Belly Slice】, 【Bentong Tofu Pok】, 【Fuzhou Fish Ball】, 【Mix Mushroom Plate】, 【Mix Vegetable Plate】and【Pork Rib Porridge】.

【Live Kepah】is one of their must-try seafood! The boss mentioned that many guests purposely came for it. Each Kepah is cleaned with salt and chilli to ensure all sand is removed, then the staff will smell it one by one to ensure all are fresh before serving the guests! With such hectic work, now you know why guests crave for it! It is all natural flavours without any msg or oil in it.

You can also go for a la carte menu,【Live Mud Crab】,the staff will catch it live, clean it and steam-ready! It is one their signature as well, as the flesh is pretty decent and tender. Besides that, 【New Zealand Green Mussels】, 【Smoked Duck】, and【Bamboo Clams】are mouth-watering too! Match it with their homemade sauce【Special Pineapple Chilli】, 【Green Island sauce】 and so on.【Live Prawn】is one of my favourite. Fresh and sweet prawns with tender texture. You may want to put in extra order~

【蒸的传人 S.M.S Steamboat】occupied three floors and is definitely an ideal place for family or gathering! Second and third floors are more spacious and comfortable with private rooms available too! Do call in for room reservation.

Chinese Article 中文文章

Sri Petaling 【蒸的传人 S.M.S Steamboat】,【双亲大优惠】新鲜甜美【啦啦】只需 RM1 !著名的活抓螃蟹,蒸出美味,蟹肉鲜甜多汁,没加任何配料哦!还有’蒸’新鲜活啦啦 !平民价!一定要吃!不可少的鲜虾,鱼,鲍鱼片,青蚝等新鲜海鲜,’蒸’材实料,真的蒸上瘾了啦!!

【蒸的传人 S.M.S Steamboat】只用新鲜食材从海鲜,肉类,蔬菜等,全都用来蒸熟哦!不一样的食材蒸的时间和次序都不同哦!放心啦!细心的服务员会帮你把食材放进蒸气炉再调适当的时间,以确保熟度刚好。酱你就可以专心享用这’蒸’原汁原味,肉嫩鲜甜的海鲜!这’蒸’功夫可不是盖的哦!压轴来了,新鲜海鲜的精华都会缓缓流入到锅底里,把排骨和米蒸成了海鲜排骨粥哦!这要怎么抗拒啊~~

配合双亲优惠从【25/5/18-25/6/18】,只需点任何一套配套,配套只从RM90+起,再加上RM1…RM1…RM1 很重要,所以要重复3次,你就可以获得新鲜甜美【沙白(啦啦)】 500G哦!! 超值的!当然还有’LIKE’【蒸的传人 S.M.S Steamboat】Facebook 和 ‘SHARE’这个post咯!嘻嘻~

RM90++配套2-3人份包含了【翡翠斑鱼片】,【新鲜草虾】,【新鲜啦啦】,【贵妃鲍鱼片】,【菜园鸡】,【花肉片】,【文东豆腐卜】,【福州鱼丸】,【菇盘】,【菜盘】,【排骨粥】。真的是平民价,’蒸’材实料,’蒸’气十足啊!蒸【新鲜啦啦】是你必吃海鲜之一啊!老板说许多客人都为了【新鲜啦啦】冲着来的呢!每个啦啦都会盐和辣椒来清理,以确保没有沙粒在内, 然后再一个个去闻,确保新鲜后才端给客人!这么多工,怎能不’蒸’出新鲜甜美呢?!

你也可以单点【活生猛肉蟹XL】活抓,清洗,再蒸。QQ的肉质,鲜甜多汁,真的新鲜’蒸’料十足才能做到哦!还有【纽西兰青蚝】,【烟鸭】,【竹蛏】等也很美味哦!再配搭它家自制酱料 【黄梨辣椒】,【青岛酱】等。【新鲜草虾】也是小编的最爱,肥美虾肉完全不黏壳,柔软,鲜嫩多汁,一口咬下去,仿佛虾会在嘴里跳舞一般愉悦。’蒸’幸福啊~

【蒸的传人 S.M.S Steamboat】共有三层,绝对是一家大小的好去处哦! 二和三楼比较宽阔和舒服而且还提供包厢房服务哦!来搞个聚会也不错!但要记得预定房哦~

For more info, please refer to:

Facebook蒸的传人 S.M.S Steamboat

Contact: +603 9054 1380

Opening Hour:

Monday- Friday 1130 – 2300

Saturday – Sunday 1130 – 1430, 1700 – 2300

Location: Jalan Radin Bagus 6, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur


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