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Fancy for some beer and pub grub after a hectic day?! Or maybe some delectable meals pair with beer? Beer Shack Hartamas, aside from being known for Graffiti restaurant and bar with colourful vibrant, they do offer affordable beer as well as good food such as yakitori, western, asian – you name it they got it! It is no doubt a great place to chillax~

You will definitely be impressed with the graffiti artwork on their wall when you first enter Beer Shack Hartamas! ‘Instagram!!’ that would probably be the first thing come across your mind! It is a lifestyle restaurant and pub jamming with some classic rock and roll songs, serving you beer as low as RM10.50/mug. A perfect place to chill out with your friends.

If you prefer pub grub over heavy meal to pair with your ice cold beer, then you should never miss their signature 【Yakitori】! Skewers of 【Chicken Wings】, 【Shishamo】, 【Sweet Potato Butter】, 【Gizzard Chicken Heart】 and many more, starting from RM5 per skewer.

Not a fan of yakitori, fret not, how about one of their addictive snacks【Salted Egg Chicken Wings】 deep fried wings cook with salted egg and garnished with chilli padi and curry leaf with cream.

【Nachos Seaweed Cheese】is also a best choice for sharing too! Nachos coated with chipotle sauce and served with melted dipping cheese separately. Yum~~ dip your nachos in every bite!

While for main course, you can opt for their signature rice bowl, donburi,【Bara Wagyu Cubes Donbori】which includes tender beef cubes, poached egg and serve with shitake mushroom tare glaze. Other selection of donbori is available as well from Ox Tongue, Truffle Gyu, Unagi and more.

Western food is also recommended, their signature【Mafia Slider Burger】with your choice of meat – lamb, beef or chicken, coated with salted egg sauce and lava cheese while fries and salad as sides. Ladies, don’t forget to share your portion if you couldn’t finish ya 😛

【Chicken Cordon Bleu】a generous amount of chicken roll with ham and cheese oozing out of the filling. It would be great if you enjoy while it serves hot!

【Kuro Pasta】is also recommended, charcoal pasta featured with fried squid, ebiko and chef’s special sauce. The presentation of 【Kuro Pasta】will keep you in awe.

Other than that, if you prefer local cuisine, you can go for【Penang Prawn Mee】or【Hainanese Chicken Chop】deep fried chicken served with mixed vegetable and onion sauce. Last but not least, don’t forget their dessert 【Sizzling Chocolate Brownies Served With Matcha or Sesame Ice Cream】, it comes with a hot plate of sizzling homemade chocolate bar topped with ice cream of your choice and drown in chocolate sauce. What a sinful delight!

Chinese Article 中文文章

【Beer Shack Hartamas 串烤,啤酒,你要的这都有!】充满活力的壁画,价格合理的啤酒,日式串烤,西餐,本地美食等 – 你要的这都有哦!怎么能错过这chillax的地方啊!! 干杯吧哥们!

当你踏入Beer Shack Hartamas,它家火红充满活力的画壁肯定让你印象深刻!这时尚又有品味的餐厅还jam着经典英文摇滚歌曲哪找啊~还有啤酒从RM10.50 /mug起。好吧~那就是不醉不归吧!

什么配搭啤酒最好?!当然是【Yakitori】啦!它家闻名的烧烤串有【Chicken Wings】, 【Shishamo】, 【Sweet Potato Butter】, 【Gizzard Chicken Heart】等等,每串从RM5起哦~不爱烧烤,没关系,来份吃上瘾的【Salted Egg Chicken Wings】怎么样?油炸鸡翅膀再配上咸蛋,咸又脆口再配上啤酒,真的会上瘾的!!

【Nachos Seaweed Cheese】也是不错的选择哦!Nachos 铺上chipotle酱,再沾上芝士酱,真的会让你疯狂吃啊~~

小吃不能满足你?!放心,主角还没上呢!嘻嘻~ 试试它家著名donbori吧,【Bara Wagyu Cubes Donbori】,多汁又嫩的牛肉块再配搭shitake mushroom tare。JENG 啊~~ Donbori还可以配上Ox Tongue,Truffle Gyu,Unagi等等的选择。

西餐也是蛮受欢迎的,大大份的【Mafia Slider Burger】有羊肉,牛肉或鸡肉,再淋上咸蛋鸡蛋和熔岩奶酪,还有配菜-薯条和沙拉。别忘了和朋友分享哦~

【Chicken Cordon Bleu】大份的鸡肉和火腿卷,再去油炸然后铺上奶酪, 让奶酪满满渗出。一口热呼呼的奶酪和多汁的鸡肉卷,记得趁热吃啦!!嘻嘻~

【Kuro Pasta】也是它家著名的pasta,charcoal pasta配上炸鱿鱼,ebiko和厨师私人秘密酱。一级棒哦!

除此之外,如果你喜欢当地美食,也可以选择【Penang Prawn Mee】【Hainanese Chicken Chop】炸鸡再配上混合蔬菜和洋葱酱。也很美味哦~ 当然! 甜点是不可少的!它家【Sizzling Chocolate Brownies Served With Matcha or Sesame Ice Cream】,是你必选之一啊!!罪恶感又来了 @.@ 热腾腾的自制巧克力bar在铁板上,在搭上你爱的冰淇淋, 慢慢的倒入巧克力酱。。嘶嘶的声音,热冷交叉的口感!爽啊!!

For more info kindly refer to:

Facebook: Beer Shack Hartamas

Opening Hour:

Monday – Sunday  1100 – 0100


No 12 Jalan 22A/70A , Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Other Branch:

Beer Shack TTDI – 125, Jalan Aminuddin Baki, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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