‘Sotong Bakar’ set for RM15 only @ Bawal Power Sempoi!

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If you think RM15 can’t buy you a filling seafood lunch, you are WRONG!

Bawal power Sempoi, located at TSI Arena Sports Centre, Cyberjaya that provides you a selection of seafood which includes 【Ikan Bawal】, 【Ikan Kembung】, 【Sotong】 and etc in grilled or fried style!

A set of ‘seafood of your choice’ comes with rice, ‘ikan kari’, ‘ulam’ and ‘cili kicap/sambal bakar’. What’s more you could ask for!! All seafood are freshly grilled or fried and you can enjoy it while hot! Yummmzz! Dont forget to try their ‘Sotong Bakar’ and ‘Ikan Bawal’, you will never regret it!

The best part is, they charge flat rate regardless to the size of the seafood you choose. So be sure you choose wise, and not to waste the food ya 😛

Chinese Article 中文文章

RM15烤鱿鱼套餐 @ Bawal Power Sempoi

谁说RM15不能给你买一份海鲜午餐,那你就错了! Bawal power Sempoi位于TSI Arena Sports Centre, Cyberjaya,为你提供一系列海鲜,其中包括【Ikan Bawal】, 【Ikan Kembung】, 【Sotong】等,以烤或煎炸的风格!

选着你喜爱的海鲜套餐,套餐配有米饭,’ikan kari’,’ulam’和’cili kicap / sambal bakar’。而且重点是! 所有的海鲜都是新鲜烤制或炸的,让你在热呼呼的时候享用它哟! Yummmzz!当然!不要忘记尝试他们的【Sotong Bakar】和【Ikan Bawal】,不然你会后悔的!

最后最后,无论你选择的海鲜大小如何,价格统一。所以一定要明智,不要浪费食物哦 :P


Meal Set

  • Sotong Bakar/Sotong Goreng RM15
  • Ikan Bawal RM11
  • Ikan Siakap RM15
  • Ikan Talapia RM12
  • Ikan Pari RM10
  • Ikan Kembung RM10
  • Ikan Cencaru RM8
  • Ikan Keli RM8
  • Ayam Kampung RM10


For more info, kindly visit –
Facebook: Bawal Power Sempoi Cyberjaya

TSI Sport Arena Food Court, Jalan Usahawan 2 cyber 6 Cyberjaya

Bawal Power Sempoi Cyberjaya

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 1000 – 1600
Saturday 1100 – 1700
Sunday Closed


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