No Internet No Life

Going oversea?
Insufficient data?
Expensive data plan?
O M G  No internet, no life 
How am I going to post my photos on Facebook and Instagram?
How am I going to share my photos to my friends at Whatsapp?
How am I going to check on the map and directions?

We travelled to Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong these few months, and yes, we used Travel Recommends WI-FI during all our overseas trip.

Travel Recommends are always our first choice, because of its handy WI-FI router with hipster colour of the Device Holder Pouch, but yet the rental are affordable . Travel Adapter and cable will be provided too. Just because of the hipster colour of the pouch, we do not feel shameful or afraid to bring it along with us, especially when we are in the big city in overseas countries~~


Travel Recommends WI-FI router can be connected up to devices. No matter if you are a backpacker or you are travelling in a group, you will never insecure when you have an awesome WI-FI router in your pocket with unlimited internet. I have been once standing in front of the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, with many people and cars surrounding me, and I was checking Google Map on my phone as I was lost. There is another incident happened in Hong Kong that I was going to be late to an appointment with an important client due to the weather and we are stucked in a shopping mall, I can just quickly drop an email to the client to inform them about the situation without making them feel that we have punctuality problem.

Pocket WI-FI saves me!!
What do you need to do to rent this?

Check this website: to make your reservation, payment and receive confirmation in your email. Fast and convenient way, just within  minutes you can get this done!

You are able to choose to Self-Collect from the airport or Collect Via Courier (subject to courier charges) and Return at the airport yourself or Return via Courier. I will always choose for Self-Collect from the airport, as normally I will have a lot of extra time in the airport before boarding time and at the same time I can save down the courier charges too.

However, you may need to aware of the battery lifespan. The average lifespan of a fully-charged up Travel WiFi Router is about hours. This lifespan is an estimation as it depends on the number of smart devices connected to the router, data consumption and the condition of the strength of the signal. Some tips to share with you:
1. Remember to charge the router on every single night.
2. Disconnect the device(s) which are not in use.
3. Turn off the WI-FI router when you are not using it. For e.g., when you start eating your food in a restaurant.
4. Turn off the WI-FI router and connect to some surrounding available free WI-FI such as Hotel, or Starbucks.

We have been using Travel Recommends since last year. This year, we have gotten good news that everyone can participate in the TR Referral Program to earn side income of RM10 for each successful order. How?

Step : Share the Good News ! You can share the referral link sent to your email to your social media.
Step : Your Friends Book & Make Payment. You friend will have to make reservation and payment within working days  days.
Step : Goes on Their Trip. Your friends start their journey and enjoy unlimited WI-FI.
Step : TR rewards you! Keep sharing the referral link whenever you want and received an accumulate amount at the end of every month. The amount will be credited within the first week of the following month into the Referrer’s bank account according to TR records.
For more information, please refer to…/Referral_Program


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