J’s Gate Dining @ Lot 10

Calling Calling ~~ Japanese Food Lover
Who else here looking for Japanese food? Fresh Sashimi🍣, Unagi , Wagyu🐄 and more

Here is the hidden gem in town
J’s Gate Dining ! Oishii desu~~🇯🇵 
This is definitely a place for food lover to check in!

RM0 Airfare! No more traveling to Japan for fresh Sashimi, Unagi and Wagyu!! Cause they are flying to here for you 

🎉J’s Gate Dining🎉, located at 4th floor Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur, with about  restaurants under one roof, your one-stop space for authentic Japanese cuisine that feature high quality air flown ingredients🍱🍣🍜🍙and experience Japanese culture and hospitality🎌 Joooommmm💨Let’s explore this amazing place 🤪😍 XD

Itadakimasu 🙏🏻😋~~

1. Umai Sushi Kan

Indulge yourself with the freshest and best sashimi and sushi in town! The freshness of the sushi melting in your mouth making you craving for MORE

2. Tokyo Obanzai Hachi

What A beef lover should know
Japanese Wagyu Beef
Medium rare juicy Wagyu Beef in different cooking styles, savouring every bite of it

3. Kushi Age Kinme

Fresh ingredients like Tuna, Salmon, Pork belly and more, deep fried with light batter in skewers, perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft inside.

4. ViTO

Pamper yourself with healthy gelato made with only natural ingredients. Give it a try on Pistachio (not sweet) or Limone (Sour) I am sure you will fall in love with it XD

5. Yayoi

HelpHere got too many restaurants and fabulous food to try Bring your friends along and start the food hunting! Or you could bring us go too. Arigato Gozaimasu 

Find out more @ www.js-gate.com
Facebook page : JsGateDining


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