Disney Tsum Tsum @ Sunway Velocity Mall

Ladies and Gentleman, Disney Tsum Tsum Carnival Tour’s last station is now happening at Cheras Sunway Velocity Mall! How could you resist the cuteness of Disney Tsum Tsum!Don’t waste this chance and come here grab them back with you!

【Disney Tsum Tsum Friend Stick Together】RIDICULIOUS PROMOTION 

Buy 1 Free 1
Including slippers, T-Shirt, recycle bag, and many more Disney Tsum Tsum merchandise.
Perhaps it is really hard to believe for such worth deal, but in fact it is truth!!@.@ (Just a gentle reminder for you, the Christmas celebration just around the corner, you know what should do right?)

DIY name sticker

DIY cup
What else is coolest than if you have something that people don’t? Yes! You can DIY the one and only Disney Tsum Tsum sticker and cup with your name! It’s easy to DIY and all you have to do is follow the instructions and wait for couple of minutes…TA DA~ you can own your designed Disney Tsum Tsum sticker or cup

Disney Tsum Tsum 999 Fine Gold Coin
RM299?!Seriously?!By spending RM299, you can own a Disney Tsum Tsum 999 fine gold coin which originally worth RM400 ! I repeat again , is 999 FINE GOLD COIN!!!

Capsule Toy Machine and Mini Games 
Allow you to win more Disney Tsum Tsum Merchandise here!

There are too much and I just can’t finish telling how amazing is this event. Come and date your friend, family or whoever you love to, take them and come to this Disney Tsum Tsum event! See you there!

YOU! YES, IS YOU! I am telling you a big deal here that giving YOU a chance to win the Disney Tsum Tsum merchandise product which worth RM520! Just follow the instruction as per below mentioned :

  1.  ’LIKE’ Sunway Velocity Mall Facebook page
  2. ‘UPLOAD’ the picture you taken with Disney Tsum Tsum statue in your Facebook wall (Public status)
  3. ‘HASH TAG’ this #SunwayVelocityMall #DisneyTsumTsum #SKJewellery#Myzakkas!

The Winner will be announcing after the carnival end, so STAY TUNE and GOOD LUCK!

Once again, this Disney Tsum Tsum Carnival is located at Sunway Velocity Cheras! Is CHERAS, CHERAS, CHERAS!

Location: Ground Floor, Vanity Atrium, Sunway Velocity Mall, Lingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity
Date:24/10/17 – 12/11/17


【人见人爱的 Disney Tsum Tsum 嘉年华最后一站来到了Sunway Velocity Cheras啦!】小编有机会可以带超可爱的Tsum Tsum 宝宝回家啦!

【Disney Tsum Tsum Friend Stick Together】放肆”折扣和优惠 

包括拖鞋,T Shirt, 环保袋, 包包等等
让你难以觉着啊!相信小编,你肯定会被这可爱又萌的Tsum Tsum 深深吸引住啊!!@.@ (温馨提示: 圣诞节要到了咯!你懂的~~ 嘻嘻)


当然最酷的是,现场竟然还有DIY区!可以拥有自己姓名的Tsum Tsum贴纸和DIY一个属于自己姓名的Tsum Tsum马克杯!而且只需短短的几分钟就能完成哦!这… 还有什么理由拒绝呢?

Tsum Tsum 999纯金硬币
此外,只需RM299你就可以拥有Tsum Tsum 999纯金硬币 (原价: RM400)!对!是999纯金硬币!!

让你赢取更多Tsum Tsum产品

当然还有更多优惠!反正就是你买它送!简直是太!火!爆!啦省翻天! 买过瘾!

Tsum 粉你准备好没,机会不容错过! 走!咋们拍拖去~ 心动不如行动!咋们不见不散哟~~

还有还有!来到Tsum Tsum 嘉年华当然要打卡嘛,超大的Tsum Tsum雕像任你拍!还有机会赢取总值RM520的周边产品哦! 方法很简单:

  1. ’LIKE’ Sunway Velocity Mall page
  2. 把你和Tsum Tsum合照放上FB (照片公开)
  3. #SunwayVelocityMall #DisneyTsumTsum #SKJewellery #Myzakkas!

 别忘了Sunway Velocity 是在Cheras 不是在Sunway 哦!

地点: Ground Floor, Vanity Atrium, Sunway Velocity Mall, Lingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity
日期:24/10 – 12/11

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